Liverpool design champion appointed

Late last week the founding director of renowned Architect firm AHMM, Paul Monaghan, was appointed by Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram as Liverpool design champion – the first ever for the city region.

The role has been created to kick start the conversation about good design in Liverpool City Region, as well as helping to improve the “quality and attractiveness” of our neighbourhoods.

It’s a conversation that we believe needs to happen.

Our ethos is based on creating spaces that can improve and enhance the lives of those who use or inhabit them, whether that’s a family home, apartment, office building or leisure facilities. Good design has the power to have a positive impact on wellbeing and quality of life, while bad design and stack ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap can easily have the opposite effect.

Paul Monaghan is, in our opinion, an excellent person to take on the challenge. He’s one of the UK’s leading architects with decades of experience in the industry. His professional accolades, such as his practice AHMM’s 2015 Stirling Prize win for its Burntwood School project mean his is more than qualified to start these conversations and start driving action around them.

He’s a local lad too, so he understands the history of the region, our commitment to design and the wants and needs of the people who reside and visit here.

There’s a lot to work with. We have exciting development taking place in the Baltic Triangle, Knowledge Quarter and Fabric District. However, there are big challenges too, such as our ‘at risk’ UNESCO status.

It’s an exciting time to be an architectural design firm in Liverpool and we want to congratulate Paul on his appointment as Liverpool design champion. We look forward to supporting him in his ambitions to put good design higher up the city’s agenda and ensure that new developments support Liverpool’s legacy of having some of the finest public buildings and spaces in Europe – it’s a mission we’re behind one hundred percent.

Adam Mokhtar, Co-Director

Image By Tim Soar